Welcome to the Lounge WikiEdit

This is a wikia where you come to chat, posting drawings, stories, jokes, starting drama, anything you wish. Please read the chat rules before entering the Lounge.

Live! Chat


  1. No one under the age of 13 is permitted in chat.
  2. No jokes about racism, sexism, disabilities, homophobia, OR RAPE JOKES
  3. No homophobic or racist language
  4. No Sexual Harrassment even if your role-playing.
  5. No asking for kicks or bans
  6. Long links are alowed
  7. No pornographic or shock sites alowed
  8. Drama is alowed as long as its not derogatory
  10. No insulting users behind there backs
  11. Mods who abuse there powers will be striped of there title and banned for 5 days

Latest activityEdit

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